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Universal anchor KTS-X

One for all – all in one
With our universal dowel, you can work with almost any material and any (perhaps even unknown) building material. Perfectly shaped and designed to ensure an ideal connection and best hold in combination with a screw for wood. This plug is literally universal. How often do you want to fasten something quickly and only have wood screws to hand? Whether chipboard screws, hooks that are screwed into wood, indoor wood screws or screws that are galvanized – all types of wood screws can be used with our dowel in almost any material.

What makes our universal dowel so special?
This plug is the all-rounder among plugs. Regardless of the building material in which it is to be used – perfect hold is guaranteed. Thanks to its shape and function as well as its ideal length and øThe dowel is produced to the exact mm so that it can be used with standard wood screws in almost any material. The practical collar or edge of the plug ensures that the plug does not disappear into the drill hole. This allows the edge with the screw to form a suitable finish in the material and provide extra support.

How does the universal plug work?
The dowel can be used like any other dowel. In other words – simply drill a hole and insert the dowel. You can then screw a screw into the dowel. Thanks to the material, our dowel provides a particularly strong and secure hold. This is because the nylon used is particularly hard-wearing and guarantees a high load-bearing capacity for every mm of the plug. Another special feature is the anti-rotation lock on the plug. Whether in panel building materials, stone walls or plasterboard – the plug does not rotate. This means that you can make mm-by-mm adjustments to the knotting of the anchor with every screw movement, no matter how small.

Thanks to these self-adjustable settings, fasteners such as hooks or eyelets can also be easily screwed in by hand. This is because other dowels often cause the dowel to rotate. Then you have to remove it again, possibly damaging and soiling the surface of the building material. But this cannot happen to you with our dowel.

For which building materials is the universal plug suitable?
As already mentioned, our universal anchor is ideal for a wide variety of building materials. Thanks to the combination of design and function, the General purposeso strong (even in concrete) that it provides ideal support. This double wedging in the wall is a real duopower that can be varied in thickness by screwing the screw that matches the anchor. Even if you are not sure which building material to use – our Universalalsoholds in any unknown anchoring ground.

Building materials for which our universal anchor can be used without any problems:

  • Concrete
  • Clinker brick
  • also in combination with panel building materials
  • Mortar
  • Wood
  • Plasterboard
  • Stone
  • etc.

However, our universal anchor is also ideal for push-through installations within slender components. Then the rather narrow ø and its practical length, the universal plug can be used very well here. Here, the edge of the dowel again offers a special function, because the dowel finds an extra hold through the edge and does not simply slip through. Especially with plug-in mounts, every mm of play is an uncertainty – real precision is required here. But thanks to the many functions of our universal anchor, you don’t have to worry about that.

Which screws can the universal plug be used with?
Our universal plug can be used with all wood screws. No matter whether galvanized screws for outdoor use, chipboard screws, standard wood screws, etc. All screws suitable for wood find a strong hold in the wall plug and ensure that it knots firmly into the building material. So you don’t have to worry about the load capacity. Of course, the plug also complies with the DIN standard.

You can save money with our universal dowel
In fact, our all-purpose dowel helps you to save a little on your household budget. This is because you do not have to buy special screws for certain building materials, as is necessary with other plugs. Simply use the functionality and versatility of our universal plug with your wood screws. This makes our universal anchor a safe, fast, practical and cost-effective solution.


  • Universal-plug for almost all building materials
  • Plug forms a knot around the screw in cavity materials
  • Spreads reliably in solid stone
  • Screws can be easily tighten
  • Pronounced rim protects the material surface and prevents the plug from slipping into the drill hole
  • Spin-lock prevents the plug from rotating in the building materials
  • 4-way expansion provides the optimum force distribution in the material
  • Expansion-free plug neck prevents damage to tiles and plaster
  • Special construction ensures a perfect screw direction
  • Quick and easy installation
  • Various applications
  • Complies with the DIN standard


  • Pre-assembly and through-assembly
  • Especially suitable for plasterboard

Additional information on design and function
Our universal plug is ideally adapted in terms of both design and function. We want it to be your Expectations of a universal anchor and fully fulfills your UX (user experience). In this case, UX means that the dowel becomes the absolute universal dowel in your projects. Because only then does it meet our requirements. We are therefore happy to be measured by your UX and ask you to tell us about it.

Please answer the following questions about your UX:

  • Did the universal anchor meet your UX?
  • Do you think the dowel is easy to use?
  • Would you have expected more within your UX?
  • Would you use the universal plug again after your UX (i.e. your experience with the product)?
  • Do you have questions about the UX of our products?
Technical data – KTS-X universal plug
Article-No.DimensionScrew-ømin. Borehole depth
10205025015 x 25 mm3.0 – 4.0 mm35 mm
10206030016 x 30 mm4.0 – 5.0 mm45 mm
10206045016 x 45 mm4.0 – 5.0 mm55 mm
10208040018 x 40 mm4.5 – 6.0 mm55 mm
102100500110 x 50 mm6.0 – 8.0 mm65 mm
102120600112 x 60 mm8.0 – 10.0 mm80 mm
102140700114 x 70 mm10.0 – 12.0 mm90 mm
Extract values
Article-No.DimensionConcrete Rc250StoneHohlsteinAerated concrete
10205025015 x 25 mm0,12 kN0,10 kN0,08 kN0,03 kN
10206030016 x 30 mm0.18 kN0,10 kN0,08 kN0,04 kN
10206045016 x 45 mm0,40 kN0,50 kN0,01 kN0,06 kN
10208040018 x 40 mm0,25 kN0,20 kN0,15 kN0,09 kN
102100500110 x 50 mm0,80 kN0,40 kN0,30 kN0,11 kN
102120600112 x 60 mm1,20 kN0,46 kN0,33 kN0,13 kN
102140700114 x 70 mm2,40 kN0,51 kN0,36 kN0,20 kN
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