KTS – GREAT ROLL Ridge and burr roll
is suitable for all pitched roof constructions and, thanks to butyl strips on the underside, offers very good adhesion to the flashing material. The impregnated ventilation cross-section ensures long-term venting function (DIN 4108 part 3, i.e. the vent works without resistance). The ridge and hip roll is characterized by high UV stability as well as long-term resistance of all material components.

The product is easy and quick to install and, thanks to the high material reserve in the edge strips, can be optimally adapted to the roofing material. The roller has no edges directed against the watercourse. Therefore, no water pockets can form and there are no problems with water flow. The tear-resistant fabric part ensures high protection against drifting snow, insects and splashing water. Due to the high quality connection between aluminum and middle part, there is no risk of tearing. The center part is fire protection classified (building material class A2) non-combustible. The ridge and burr roll has a temperature resistance from – 20˚ C to + 100˚ C and a processing temperature from + 5˚ C to + 90˚ C.

Our KTS – TOLLE ROLLE is available in four different widths. The width of 310 mm is suitable for normal profiled facing materials, 210 mm for flat facing materials, 360 mm for high profiled facing materials and 380 mm for high profiled facing materials. The length of each is 5 m. We offer the aluminum surface in the colors brick red, anthracite as well as dark brown. In addition, we also manufacture a ridge and burr roll with copper.

The center part of the ridge and burr roll is printed according to the customer’s requirements. The silver imprint is customized and customizable. For example, with the logo, slogan or web address of your company. The imprint makes the KTS – TOLLE ROLLE particularly easy to align and attach.

The KTS – ridge and burr rolls are of course MADE IN GERMANY and are produced in our company in Werne-Wahrbrink.


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