STS – Stick-clip with percussion protection

USE: Fixings in concrete, masonry, aerated autoclaved concrete and other solid materials.

The KTS stick-clip is a fixiing system for the easy and quick mounting of cables and flexible pipes – by hand.
Hammering not necessary!

The KTS plug-in clamp is made of high-quality polyamide (nylon).

Free of Halogen and silicone!
If requested, higher heat stability!

* Utility model protection

Technical data STS – plug-in clamp
Article-No.Cable Ø mmDrill hole Ø mmMinimum hole depth mmPackaging unitWeight per packing unit
10507012017 – 12
623200 / 2.0002.78 kg.
10507012217 – 12
623200 / 2.0003.0 kg.