Metal hollow wall anchor – MH – SPACE

USE: Light fixings to plasterboard, plasterboard sheets, chipboard, fibre cement boards, hollow brick ceilings and suspended ceilings. The KTS metal hollow wall anchor has supporting elements that splay out, giving it a very strong hold.

Mounting instruction

Put the metal hollow wall anchor with the mounting tonge into the drill hole and splay it.
Alternatively you can hammer the metal hollow wall anchor with a hammer. Then put off the mounted screw.
Hold the product to be mounted and fix it with a screw.
Position the mounting object and then fasten the screw.

Technical data MH – metal cavity plug with screw
4 x 21 mm4 x 33 mm5 x 37 mm5 x 53 mm6 x 37 mm6 x 53 mm
Clamping range mm0 – 63 – 146 – 123 – 166 – 123 – 16
Packaging unitPiece100 / 1.000100 / 1.000100 / 1.000100 / 1.000100 / 1.000100 / 1.000
Weight per packing unit6.15 kg.8.5 kg.14.11 kg.18.62 kg.19.13 kg.25.4 kg.


Assembly pliersapplicable for all sizesArticle-No.1780000001