TRUCKER ONE - HD - Hollow Block Dowel

Hollow block dowel – HD – TRUCKER ONE

The long expansion part of the KTS Hollow Block Anchor – HD – TRUCKER ONE bridges the cavities of the different building materials and thus guarantees a secure fixing due to its expansion effect. The additional anti-rotation devices prevent rotation even under unfavorable conditions.

USE: perforated bricks, hollow blocks, sand-lime bricks, aerated concrete, lightweight concrete, solid pumice blocks, etc.

Technical data TRUCKER ONE – HD – Hollow block anchor
Small packaging10 x 100 mm10 x 120 mm10 x 140 mm10 x 160 mm
Article-No.pozi 41251010041125101204112510140411251016041
Countersunk wood screw mm7 x 1057 x 1257 x 1457 x 165
Packaging unitPiece50 / 25050 / 25050 / 25050 / 250
Weight per packing unitpozi 47.6 kg.8.6 kg.10.8 kg.12.7 kg.
Weight per packing unitTORX7.6 kg.8.6 kg.10.8 kg.12.7 kg.


Werksprüfung TRUCKER ONE – HD – Hollow Block Dowel
Material: NYLON (polyamide 6)
Diameter mm10101010
Length mm100120140160
Drill hole Ø mm10101010
Minimum hole depth mm110130150170
Minimum installation depth mm100120140160
Maximum useful length mm20355580
Concrete pull-out value (kN)*2,502,502,502,50
Pull-out value lightweight concrete (kN)*1,501,501,501,50
Pull-out value of aerated concrete (kN)*0,700,700,700,70