Plasterboard plug with tool – RG – GIPSI

APPLICATION: plasterboard.

With the help of the setting tool, the KTS plasterboard anchor is screwed directly into the plasterboard using a cordless/electric screwdriver. USE: Light fixings to plasterboard Using a special fitting tool and a battery or mains operated electric screwdriver, this KTS plug can be screwed straight into plasterboard.

Technical data RG – plasterboard anchor
Plasterboard anchorTool
Packaging unitPiece200 / 2.0001 / 10
Weight per packing unit1.8 kg.0.05 kg.


Testing RG – Plasterboard plug
Pull-out value plasterboard 9.5mm thickness (kN)0,46
Pull-out value plasterboard 12,5mm thickness (kN)0,57
Pull-out value plasterboard 2 x 12.5mm thickness (kN)0,75