Insulation board dowel – ISO – Easy

RANGE OF APPLICATION: On concrete walls, bricks and other materials with high strength

The item consists of a plastic dowel and a spreader nail made of special plastic. It is suitable to attach hard foam boards.

The KTS insulation board dowel is inserted in the drill hole and the spreading nail is then hammered into the dowel. The dowel spreads and remains fitted tightly to the drill hole due to the spreading pressure. The plug expands and holds in the drill hole due to the expansion pressure.

Technical data ISO – insulation board anchor
10×70 mm10×90 mm10×110 mm10×140 mm10×160 mm10×160 mm10×180 mm10×200 mm10×220 mm10×260 mm
Article-No.18210070311821009031182101103118210120311821014031 18210160311821018031182102003118210220311821026031
Weight per packing unit2.0 kg.2.4 kg.2.6 kg.2.9 kg.3.1 kg3.4 kg.3.9 kg.4.1 kg.2.9 kg.3.1 kg.
Factory test ISO – Insulating panel anchor
Diameter mm10101010101010101010
Length mm7090110120140160180200220260
Drill hole Ø mm10101010101010101010
Minimum hole depth mm60606060606060606060
Insulation thickness mm1030 – 5050 – 7060 – 8080-100100-120120-140140-160160-180200-220
Pull-out value concrete C20/25 (kN)0,750,750,750,750,750,750,750,750,750,75
Pull-out value lightweight concrete (kN)0,50,50,50,50,50,50,50,50,50,5