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TRUCKER HDK – Plug for hollow material Ø 8 mm

RANGE OF APPLICATION: concrete, perforated bricks, hollow blocks, sand-lime bricks, aerated concrete, lightweight concrete, solid pumice blocks, etc.

The KTS hollow block anchor Ø 8 mm is an all-rounder. The extended spreading part guarantees maximum load capacity. With its long shaft, this anchor bridges any attachments and non-load-bearing layers. By using a screw with a special thread, the anchor knots itself in the cavity of the building material.

This information should be considered as a general recommendation. This information should be regarded as general recommendations. More specifically, please note that these plugs and anchors may not be used for work subject to building inspections (e.g. for securing façade substructures, roofs etc.).

* Safety factor 3

Technical data HDK – Hollow block anchor Ø 8 mm
Small packaging8 x 80 mm8 x 100 mm8 x 120 mm8 x 140 mm
Packaging unitPiece100/ 1.000100 / 1.000100 / 500100 / 500
Weight per packing unit13.3 kg.17.0 kg.9.4 kg.10.75 kg.
Screws TORX Ø mm4,7 x 854,7 x 1054,7 x 1254,7 x 145


Factory test HDK – Hollow block anchor Ø 8 mm
Material: NYLON (polyamide 6)
Diameter mm8888
Length mm80100120140
Drill hole Ø mm8888
Minimum hole depth mm90110130150
Minimum installation depth mm80100120140
Clamping range mm355575100
Pull-out value plasterboard (kN)*2,432,59
Pull-out value hollow brick (kN)*2,8092,765