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KTS – F1 Universal frame and facade dowels
as well as the

KTS – F1 scaffolding anchor

are characterized by
European Technical Approval ETA 08/0188
and an anchoring depth of 70 mm. The extensive range of different dimensions results in a wide variety of applications.



Since the company was founded, KTS has been constantly developing new fastening techniques. One of our most interesting in-house developments is the KTS – F1 frame and facade anchor and the KTS – F1 scaffold anchor. The European Technical Approval of the anchors was particularly important for this new development. After a long development phase and extensive testing, the KTS – FACADE ONE was certified by the German Institute for Construction Technology in October 2012. Since then, we have undergone an annual inspection of the factory and factory production control. We thus guarantee a consistently high quality of our KTS – F1 facade and scaffolding dowels.


KTS – F1 – the certified universal frame and facade anchor

The F1 frame and facade anchor is available with a diameter of 10 mm or 14 mm. There are two versions to choose from: for wood substructures with countersunk screw or for metal substructures with hexagon screw and pressed-on washer. A wide range of applications results from the up to 15 different lengths of the KTS – F1 frame and facade anchors. In the diameter of 10 mm, from 10 x 80 mm up to 10 x 300 mm, in the diameter of 14 mm even in a dimension of up to 14 x 360 mm.


Features and advantages KTS – F1

The certified KTS – F1 universal frame and facade anchor is an all-rounder for almost all building materials. The flat shaped collar enables quick assembly with the substructure angle. Due to the anchoring depth of 70 mm and the special expansion area in the anchor tip, the KTS – F1 frame and facade anchor provides better anchoring in the drill hole. The reinforced contour also ensures optimum holding values in concrete and solid stone.


KTS – F1 – the certified scaffold anchor with eyebolt

The KTS – F1 scaffold anchor, with building authority approval, is particularly suitable for scaffold fixings according to DIN 4420. The high-quality scaffold anchor with double-sided welded and galvanized eyebolt (inner diameter 23 mm) is available in two strength classes (6.8 and 8.8) and in different dimensions (from 14 x 100 mm to 14 x 160 mm). As a supplement, we naturally also offer the F1 scaffold anchor without eyebolt.


Free KTS – F1 calculation software

To support you in planning your project, we have developed a tool for our F1 dowels that easily and quickly calculates the required dowels. We provide this software to our customers free of charge. On the KTS website under the menu item “Service / Downloads” you will find the

Link to download

of the software as well as the necessary access data.




in our KTS – F1 special catalog.


you can view our European Technical Approval.

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