Cable collector holder – KBS

FIELD OF APPLICATION: For all building materials in combination with the KTS nail plug 6 x 40, 6 x 50 or 6 x 60
The great advantage of the KTS multiple cable clip is the fact that it can be easily mounted on both ceilings and walls. Unlike with conventional multiple cable clips, you no longer need a fixing rod to secure the product in place. This multiple cable clip can be fixed very easily, even overhead, using one or two 6 x 50 nail plugs.

This multiple cable clip is available in two sizes – for 15 and for 30 cables.

Technical Data KBS – Cable Collector Holder
KBS 15 for 15 cablesKBS 30 for 30 cables
Packaging unitPiece10050
Weight per packing unit2.1 kg.1.83 kg.