Cable bracket – KBB


For all construction materials in combination with the KTS 6 x 50 nail plug. Due to its low height, this KTS cable clip can even be used in the space between ceilings. Using a KTS 6 x 50 nail plug, you can knock the clip straight in, creating a flush cover at the same time. The flexibility of the clip enables individual cables to be manually put in place. The three sizes of the cable bracket can be used for max. Use 8, 10 or 16 cables.

The cable clip is made of high quality polyamide (nylon).

Technical data KBB – cable bracket
KBB 8 – one-sidedKBB 10 – double-sidedKBB 16 – double-sided
Packaging unitPiece400400200
Weight per packing unit3.1 kg.4.0 kg.3.4 kg.